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At some point in our lives, we might find ourselves responsible for caring for our elderly loved ones. Although it’s no secret that life can get busy and time seems to slip away, we still want to ensure that our loved ones receive the absolute best care.

Now it’s time to give back all the love and care they have shown us throughout the years, and at Azalea Home Care, we’re here to help you do just that. We are a private home care service in Norcross, GA that understands that we do not always have time to dedicate to our beloved ones. Our trained and certified professionals can provide a wide range of elder care services, so you can trust we’re here for you!

We Offer Full Senior Living Services: No Matter The Situation

“Best Of Gwinnett” is an acclaimed publication that honors the top-tier businesses in the county of Gwinnett, Georgia. This esteemed guidebook acknowledges achievement across a plethora of fields. And we are delighted to announce that Azalea Home Care was awarded the prestigious “Best of Gwinnett” award in 2022 for our commitment and excellence in healthcare.

Here are our prided elder care services:

1. Personal Care

Our personal care services are tailored to meet all your daily needs, from grooming and bathing assistance to walking aid, toileting help, dietary guidance, and much more.

2. Long Term Care

Our long-term care services provide our patients with the comfort and security of being able to remain in their own homes for as long as it is necessary.

3. Elder Care

Our elder care services are specifically designed to offer vital assistance for those in need, offering everything from vigilance and surveillance to reliable transportation.

4. Incidental Transportation

Our incidental transportation includes completing everyday errands, attending appointments, and providing assistance for shopping trips.

5. Relocation Assistance

We strive to make the transition process as effortless and straightforward as possible for our elderly customers. To this end, we assist with packing, organizing, and transferring items when they relocate to a new home.

6. Outpatient Assistance

Our team of experts provides high-quality outpatient services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

7. Shared Services

We provide companionship, respite care, and many other shared services to those in need.

8. Non-Medical Private Home Care Services

In addition, we provide various non-medical home care services, including grocery shopping, meal preparation and cooking, laundry and housekeeping assistance, pet sitting, and more.

Hire The Reliable Home Health Provider in Norcross, GA!

At Azalea Home Care, in Norcross, GA, we provide reliable senior living assistance and affordable rates for all our services. Our qualified caregivers make elderly people feel loved and comforted. We support seniors to remain in their homes and ensure they are safe, healthy, and happy.

Providing elderly people with the support they need requires delivering the highest quality of care and a heartfelt connection, and we understand that. With only three steps, you can ensure that your beloved family members are in reliable care:

1. Contact us and let us know about your specific requirements.
2. We will analyze these needs thoroughly and pair you with a suitable caregiver for the job.
3. Finally, rest easy knowing that those closest to you are cared for by experienced professionals in Norcross, GA!

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Give Your Loved Ones the Attention they Deserve. Our Expert Caregivers Provide Personalized, Non-Medical Services that Prioritize their Comfort and Well-Being

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