Sarcoma Awareness Month – July 2021

July 23, 2021
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Often considered the “forgotten cancer,” sarcoma is an umbrella term that refers to a group of rare forms of cancer that develop in the connective tissues in the muscles, bones, nerves, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and fatty and fibrous tissues of the body. Sarcoma Awareness Month was created to increase awareness of these forms of cancer, drive research and raise funding for the ongoing search for the causes and treatments of these rare cancers. 

To find out more about sarcoma, check out these resources below:

Podcasts and shows:

  • I Am More Than This – A podcast featuring sarcoma stories as well as answers to frequently asked questions. 

  • Let’s Talk About Sarcoma – A podcast co-created by Sock it to Sarcoma and the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation.

  • Patient Power – Web-based radio shows with discussions about various aspects of sarcoma care and diagnosis.

  • The Patient Story – A community where the members share their in-depth sarcoma stories. Everything from first symptoms and treatment timeline to navigating life with cancer.

  • Sarcoma Insight – Hosted by orthopedic surgeons Dr. Elyse Brinkmann & Dr. Izuchukwu Ibe, this is an educational podcast created for sarcoma patients, their loved ones, and anybody else who’d like to learn about sarcoma. 

  • Sarcoma Sisters  – Hosted by pediatric oncologists, Dr. Lisa Kopp and Dr. Wendy Allen-Rhoades. The two created this podcast as a forum to ‘Tackle sarcoma, one podcast at a time’

Glossary of terms:
To help with understanding terminology and concepts when faced with a sarcoma diagnosis, click on the links below which provide definitions of key terms that are related to definitions, treatment, and general health.

Downloadable Booklets:


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