Meet Lisa: Continuing a family tradition of caregiving with patience and passion

October 28, 2022
hobbies and activities for seniors

Lisa always wanted to dedicate her career to caring for others.

An expert caregiver on the Azalea Home Care team recently recognized as a team Caregiver of the Month, Lisa focuses on getting people back on their feet, rehabilitation, and returning to the routine after an illness or procedure. Lisa enjoys starting each workday with the question, “How can I help this person feel comfortable and happy today?”
Lisa was born in Queens, NY, and spent her adolescence growing up in New Jersey. Raised by both a mother and father in the healthcare field, Lisa herself began working as a health aide at the age of sixteen, before joining the U.S. Navy after high school.

After she was injured in the Navy, she returned home to start a family. For many years, Lisa focused her care on she did hospice patience, running her own home care business with her husband. “Being injured and needing to rely on others isn’t easy. I know what it is like to be a patient,” Lisa confides. “That is what I keep in mind when I care for others.”
Over time, she found the caregiving aspect of the business—which is what she primarily focuses on now with Azalea Homecare— to be more fulfilling. Lisa is known by both colleagues and members for her unending patience and attention to even the finest details. “I am so grateful to be a part of the Azalea team,” shares Lisa.

Lisa shares that of all that she does, she is most proud to be a mother to her three daughters, who have largely followed in the footsteps of their mother and grandparents—one of her daughters is also a caregiver, and one other daughter practices as a doula. In her free time, Lisa loves getting outside and experiencing the outdoors, with activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and even kayaking.

Ultimately, Lisa believes that a career in caregiving is both a great privilege and a great responsibility, and requires a certain level of passion. “Ask yourself, ‘Is my heart in it?”

For anyone that is either considering a career in caregiving, or even is a caregiver to a loved one, Lisa has shared the below tips to ensure the best care possible.

  • Patience is key. Sometimes there may be a desire to push back to a semblance of “normal” as soon as possible. Embracing the small wins and the overall process will be important to avoiding burnout or discouragement.

  • Care for the whole person. If someone is having a down day emotionally, sometimes this can hamper physical progress.

  • Nurture passions. If a patient wants to return to writing, nurturing that passion can be helpful to healing, health, and quality of life.

  • Listen to the person that is in your care. Whether it be the doctor, caregiver, or family member, no one knows better if something isn’t quite working than the person healing, or receiving care. Sometimes, the course of action is to make modifications that make someone more comfortable, rather than push for activities that a patient might not be up for.


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