Lisa Carter, on Building Strong Relationships with Clients as a Caregiver

January 20, 2022
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“Someone once told me, ‘It’s bigger than you.’”

Each month, Azalea recognizes a caregiver from our team that exemplifies what it means “to care.” This month we heard from Lisa, a member of Azalea Homecare’s Atlanta caregiver team.

From central New Jersey, Lisa has spent most of her career in the healthcare field. After some years working in hospitals, Lisa began her career in-home care in 2008. Lisa has worked with clients with a wide array of conditions, diseases, and challenges, and specializes in caring for people that live with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“Keep it simple.”

As a caregiver, Lisa believes it is important to provide a sense of normalcy and consistency for her clients. She also believes that close communication and compassion should be key parts of every caregiver’s practice, and these are the quickest ways to build trust and create a sense of safety for clients.

“My job is to keep it as simple as possible for them and to make sure that they see my face every single day. It makes me feel good to make a difference for someone else and help them achieve happiness if I can.”

Lisa also recognizes that it is important to build relationships and coordinate with her clients’ families and support systems as well, and one way to make a positive impact on a client is to share consistent updates on the day-to-day activities and challenges of her clients with their loved ones.

While being a caregiver in the age of COVID-19 can certainly be challenging, Lisa finds that it can be extremely rewarding as well. “It takes a lot of patience and understanding to be a caregiver.  We face a lot of challenges every day but the work we do is bigger than us—we can make an impact on the clients and families we care for.”

“My clients teach me so much.”

Lisa also appreciates the relationships she builds and all that she learns from her clients as well. Through the years Lisa has met people with their own rich histories and stories. One client, an opera singer who spent much of her career in New York, introduced her to the beauty of the art form. Another client speaks French fluently, while others have shared lessons they learned from living in bygone eras like the Great Depression.

“Everyone has a history and a backstory. I like grabbing hold of that and learning from people. There is a lot of wisdom there. Each person you meet can give you a look into a whole new world.”

Lisa is the mother of two sons and a daughter. Here in the Atlanta area, when Lisa isn’t working she loves to bowl, paint, attend church, roller skate, go to movies and museums, and spend time with her family. She enjoys experiencing new places and things and especially loves to travel.

We thank and appreciate Lisa for all that she does for our clients and their families every day!

Are you interested in joining the Azalea Homecare team? Check out our careers page for open positions in the Atlanta area.


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