Personalized Home Care in Atlanta, GA

Are you an Atlanta, GA, adult looking for compassionate and private-duty nursing? We get it! In this situation, you want to maintain your independence and get the personalized care you need. But let’s be real: finding reliable caregivers can be overwhelming and make you anxious.

Fortunately, here at Azalea Home Care, we’re a professional private home care provider specializing in meeting the needs of older adults, people with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery or illness. We truly understand the struggle of compromising on quality care. That’s why, for over 20 years, we’ve been delivering excellent care services tailored to each client’s unique needs. Let’s walk this journey together!

Elevate Your Daily Living with our Personal Care Services!

Azalea Home Care offers personalized home healthcare services tailored to every patient’s needs. Our dedicated team of caregivers is trained to assist with a variety of activities, such as:


  1. Assisting with bathing and showering
  2. Providing support with dressing and grooming
  3. Assisting with toileting and incontinence care
  4. Supporting mobility and transferring
  5. Providing medication reminders
  6. Managing and coordinating healthcare appointments
  7. Offering companionship and emotional support.

4 Reasons To Choose Our Private Home Care Services!

Here are 4 reasons to trust our private-duty nursing and home healthcare services:

Family-Oriented Approach

We value family and their role in caring for loved ones. We create a supportive environment, informing everyone about daily routines and care needs. Families feel involved and supported throughout the process.

20+ Years of Experience

With 20+ years of experience, Azalea Home Care has a proven track record of providing unparalleled care. From community volunteering to building our agency from scratch, our extensive expertise allows us to refine services and provide top-notch care to clients.

100+ Caregivers on Our Team

We understand the importance of a certified and trained staff to meet diverse client needs. Our team of over 100 caregivers provides the care your loved one deserves. Each caregiver meets rigorous requirements, is experienced, insured, and delivers the highest level of care.

Skilled and Qualified Caregivers

We prioritize client safety and well-being as a licensed private home care provider. Our caregivers undergo background checks and extensive training to offer compassionate and professional care. They can assist with daily activities, medication management, and companionship with their expertise.

Trust Our Reliable Caregivers in Atlanta, GA; We’ll Help You Age with Dignity!

Say goodbye to feeling alone and unsupported in your personal care journey. Instead, let us be there for you, providing compassionate and skilled assistance you can trust. When you choose our reliable caregivers at Azalea Home Care in Atlanta, GA, you can age gracefully and with peace of mind. 

Our simple, three-step plan includes the following: 

  1. Contact us to initiate the process. 
  2. Schedule a formal assessment to understand your needs. 
  3. Develop a personalized care plan tailored to you.

Let us be your trusted partner in enhancing your quality of life!

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